In a Cast After Foot Surgery? Watch Out for These Signs of Complications

March 17, 2020

If you’ve recently had foot surgery in South Park, and are wearing a cast to limit your movements while you recover, then you are probably on the right track for feeling better and permanently reducing your foot or ankle pain. However, there is always the possibility that complications may arise which could hinder your recovery. Below are some indications that that a cast may need to be inspected and possibly re-applied. Note: Do not open or tamper with your cast without assistance from a doctor or podiatrist.

“Pins and Needles” Sensation

The “pins-and-needles” feeling we have all felt sometime or other after, for instance, sitting on a foot for too long, is usually caused by nerve compression. This is especially likely if the sensation is accompanied by numbness, limited movement, and/or pain.

Pain and Swelling

A small amount of pain and swelling is to be expected after foot or ankle surgery; however, if the pain and swelling is significant and does not subside, it could be another indication that the cast is too tight. Be sure to call your foot surgeon if your pain seems to be out of proportion with the procedure that was performed.

Discolored Extremities

If your toes are slightly blue, red, or white, this may indicate that the cast has been applied too tightly, and the arteries or veins are being compressed.

Hot or “Burning” Feeling

Localized, burning pain directly over the affected area may indicate too much pressure that is causing cast sores. A raised temperature may also indicate a wound infection. Calf pain accompanied by swelling and heat may be an indication of Deep Vein Thrombosis or a similar issue.

Odor & Discharge

An offensive odor is one of the biggest indications of infection and/or necrotic tissue. If your cast smells exceptionally bad, or you can see any visible discharge staining the plaster, call your foot surgeon’s office immediately for an emergency appointment.

Itching or Blistering

Severe itching, localized burning, rashes, and blistering commonly indicate that you are having an allergic reaction to the cast. (Note that severe itching is to be expected with most casts.) If you suspect you are having an allergic reaction to your cast, do not remove it yourself, but do call your Charlotte foot surgeon A.S.A.P.

Need Foot Surgery in South Park? Call Ryan Foot & Ankle!

We should mention here that post-surgery complications are extremely rare. The vast majority of foot and ankle surgery patients recover without incident, and are able to live a happier, healthier, more pain-free life. To learn more about our South Park foot surgery options, and whether or not you are a candidate, schedule an appointment with us here.