What Are Pigeon Toes (In-Toeing)?

When babies begin standing they have a natural turning in of the legs. Parents may notice older toddlers walking pigeon-toed, with their feet turned inward. This is also know as in-toeing. There are several variations that impact the way the legs and feet line up:

» Internal Tibial Torsion - The lower part of the leg is rotated inward, indicated by children who in-toe and trip often.
» Femoral Anteversion - A “greater than normal” bend in the upper part of the leg, causing the upper leg to rotate inwardly.
» Existing Medical Problems - In some cases, in-toeing can be related to existing medical problems such as Cerebral Palsy.

How Is In-Toeing/Pigeon Toes Treated?

Many children outgrow this condition as they reach their teens and develop better coordination and muscle control. Since In-toeing usually doesn’t interfere with walking, running, or sports, our podiatrists often do not generally recommend treatment unless your child complains of foot pain.

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