What Are Corns & Calluses?

Thick, hardened layers of skin that develop on your feet and toes from friction and pressure are corns or calluses. While not usually a dangerous foot condition, corns and calluses can painful be painful and unsightly. Fortunately, Ryan Foot and Ankle Clinic can provide relief.

If you’re healthy, eliminating the source of friction or pressure may cause corns and calluses disappear on their own. For example, if you only notice pain while wearing a specific pair of shoes, it may be time to replace them. Circulation problems such as diabetes can put you at greater risk of complications due to a corn or callus. It is especially important to seek medical care for diabetic foot problems.


Calluses are usually not painful and develop on the bottom of your foot and heel. The thick, roughened area of skin varies in size and is generally smaller than a corn.

Corns tend to be smaller and painful. They can develop between and on the tops of your toes. Corns will have an area of inflamed skin with a hard center.

How Are Corns & Calluses Treated?

Treatment becomes necessary when the corn or callus causes discomfort or pain, or disrupts everyday activities. Your podiatrist will recommend safe treatment options to relieve the symptoms. Treating corns and calluses on your own may result in complications and infections. Medical attention is especially important for diabetic patients.

If your corns and calluses are causing you discomfort, give us a call at one of our 5 local podiatry offices in Charlotte, Concord and Harrisburg today for more information or to schedule an appointment.