What Is Sever’s Disease (Children’s Heel Pain)?

Growing pains are a common phenomenon during childhood growth spurts. On occasion, your child’s bones can grow faster than their muscles, causing strain on the muscles and or tendons. While these pains are a natural part of growing, if your child is complaining of heel pain, it may be caused by Sever’s Disease. The often spontaneous pain is likely due to a growth plate injury in the heel bone. This condition is common in children 8-15 years of ages and is more common in boys than girls. Sports such as soccer, football or baseball and sports shoes with cleats appear to compound the problem.

Another condition, achilles tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon attached to the back of the heel) can pull excessively on the growth plate of the heel bone and increase your child’s heel pain.

How Is Sever’s Disease Treated?

If your child suffers from persistent heel pain, they should be evaluated by a podiatrist for abnormal foot function. The treatment plan may require the use of custom-made shoe inserts or orthotics to correct foot function, stretching exercises, and anti-inflammatory medication. Extreme cases may require a below the knee walking cast.

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