What You Should Know About Diabetes and Foot Care

People with diabetes are often prone to foot and ankle problems. Loss of sensation or numbness can lead to injury. Diabetes often reduces your body’s ability to fight infection and heal, so treatment of any foot or ankle injury or condition by your podiatrist is very important.

Regular check ups by your Ryan Foot and Ankle Clinic podiatrist will help with early diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy, a common diabetic foot problem. Diabetes also causes complications for a number of other foot conditions such as corns and calluses, flat feet, gout, hammertoes, heel pain, heel spurs, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails.

Prevention can go a long way when living with diabetes and your feet. Please take a look at our Diabetic Foot Care Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.

If you are diabetic or would like more information about diabetic foot care, give us a call at one of our 5 local podiatry offices in Charlotte, Concord and Harrisburg today for more information or to schedule an appointment.