Concord Foot Doctor Explains Why Need to Stretch Our Achilles Tendon Daily

October 4, 2018

Everyone can experience tightness in the calfs and ankles at some point or other. This is particularly true in those with an active lifestyle or after an injury. Caring for an injured Achilles is best done under the guidance of our Concord foot doctor, so be sure to consult one before beginning any treatment or exercise regimen.

What is the Achilles Tendon and Where is It?

The Achilles tendon connects the calf and the heel. It runs down the back of the ankle. An important area for walking, running, and doing other physical activities, caring for an injured Achilles is important and should not be overlooked. Luckily, there are several easy, at-home stretches that our Concord foot doctor might recommend.

How Can I Stretch My Achilles Tendon?

Active stretches are great for lengthening and relieving tensions from the Achilles, according to our foot specialist in Concord. As opposed to holding stretches for long periods of time, active stretching focuses on short durations. This style is most ideal when rehabilitating an injury and improving flexibility. The following stretches are the best variations for working these same principles, ensuring foot and ankle health after injury.

3 of the Best Exercises & Stretches You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime!

1. Soleus (Calf) Muscle Stretch 

To stretch the soleus, place one foot in front of the other while pushing against a wall. Bend the front knee while slightly bending the back knee until you feel the stretch, then switch. You should feel this in the back of the calves.

2. Gastrocnemius Stretch 

This is the other calf muscle connected to the Achilles. Repeat the same steps as above, but keep the back leg extended.

3. Door Stretch 

This stretch is the most intense of the three, so take care not to overdo it. Place the toes lifted upward against the bottom of a door.

If you’re in need of a foot specialist in Concord, contact our office today.

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