What Causes Pigeon Toes & How To Fix Them? Ask a Ballantyne Podiatrist

August 16, 2018

Most commonly people experience difficulties with their feet and legs due to various ailments. However, sometimes development issues cause these difficulties. What we refer to as “pigeon toes” is one example of difficulties with developmental origins.

Identifying Developmental Issues

Especially regarding toddlers, it is very important to know what normal development of the feet looks like. If you know what to look for, you’ll know what to be alerted by. If you suspect an issue occurring with the feet of your toddler, set up an appointment with your doctor so you can be referred to a specialist (known as a chiropodist or podiatrist).

Common Conditions in Developing Feet

Pigeon Toes: This is referred to as “in-toeing”. A toddler might start walking with their feet pointing inwards. “Out-toeing”, when their feet point outwards, is similar. Both in-toeing and out-toeing should fix themselves by the time the child is eight or nine years old. You can also see our Concord NC food specialist for pigeon toe correction and tips for fixing pigeon toe.

Flat Feet: Toddlers normally have flat feet. Between their posture and the fact that they have more fat in their feet than adults, they generally will not have a developed arch. It isn’t until they’re about five years old that an arch should look more developed.

Toe Walking: Sometimes a toddler will walk on their toes and barely put weight on their heels. Young toddlers commonly do this, but it should disappear by the time the child is around three years old. If it doesn’t go away, it would be a good idea to get a referral to a physiotherapist or food specialist in Concord

Club Foot: Knowing as “Talipes”, club foot is a congenital condition in which one or maybe both of the feet bend downwards and inwards. It’s not certain what it’s exact cause is, but factors coming from genes are likely to be part of the cause and typically runs in families. This condition should be treated not long after birth through the help physiotherapy for reshaping the foot.

Pigeon toes are just one of several conditions affecting children, but pigeon toe correction is simple with guided exercises. Tips for fixing pigeon toes can be obtained from our podiatrist, so set up an appointment today!

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