Wearing High Heels to Holiday Parties? Our Charlotte University Podiatrist Shares How Stay Comfortable

December 24, 2019

The holidays mean parties, and parties mean high heels. And from a podiatrist’s perspective, high heels mean a host of problems like corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains. If you just can’t give up your heels for the season, here are some high heel tips to feel more comfortable while you rock around the Christmas tree.

Before the Party

The most important thing is to have enough break-in time in your heels prior to taking them out on the town. Wear your cozy winter socks or ski socks with your heels around the house for 2-3 hours a day for a week or so leading up to the event. The more time, the better. This will stretch them enough so your toes can breath and the shoes are not digging into your skin. Also if you have some sore spots that you find are getting irritated, cover those areas with moleskin or felt pad during the break-in period. This will prevent blisters in your already sore areas.

If your shoes are made of a material that will stretch, you can speed up the process by carefully blasting the tight areas with a blow dryer for a few seconds at a time while the shoes and the thick socks are on your feet.

During the Party

This may sound pretty obvious, but during the festivities, make sure to sit down as often as you can. Standing puts a lot of pressure on your toes and the balls of your feet, so give them as many breaks as possible. Throw some band-aids in your bag. Small, skin toned ones are great for stopping a blister before it starts or for keeping your foot from slipping out of the back of the shoe. Stash a pair of flats in your bag, too. If you have to, switch your shoes and get back on the dance floor. No one wants to be in pain instead of enjoying the fun!

After the Party

After the party, give your feet a break. Wear a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes around for the next few days to help your sore feet heal. Stretch out your arches a little. While sitting, flex your toes towards you and away from you for a few seconds at a time. This will help loosen up those cramped muscles! Life is more fun when you live it in moderation, and that applies to your heels too. Mix up your shoes by varying heel heights so you can give your muscles a break and prevent some damaging muscular changes that can lead to injuries.

If you experience pain or numbness that remains a few hours after taking off your heels, you should contact your Charlotte University podiatrist. To request an appointment with Ryan Foot and Ankle, click here.