Our Harrisburg Podiatrist Recommends the Most Comfortable Types of Shoes for Women

November 25, 2019

When it comes to having happy feet, finding a comfortable pair of shoes is essential. But with so many styles, brands, and materials on the market, it can be difficult knowing which types of shoes can help you avoid foot and ankle pain. In today’s post, our Harrisburg NC podiatrist recommends some shoes that will always put some pep in your step.

*Note: We are not being paid to make any of these recommendations. Your feet are our only priority! 

Best High-Quality Sneakers: Asics

One shoe brand that most pros can agree on is Asics sneakers. This is mostly due to the fact that Asics tend to have more space in the forefoot area, which gives walkers much-need relief on long strolls. The structure, high-quality materials, supportive foot beds, and breathable fabrics make the shoe a favorite among podiatrists and foot surgeons. If you spend a lot of time walking or running (and we hope that you do!) Asics are generally the best set of sneaks you can buy.

Best Affordable Sneakers: New Balance

Many podiatrists recommend New Balance sneakers especially for those with wide feet. Designed for runners, these classic, affordable sneakers are designed to provide comfort and support to professional runners and casual walkers alike. Most models feature a cushy foam insole and excellent arch support. These models on Amazon have a few dozen color options and thousands of glowing reviews.

Best Sandals: Birkenstocks

Podiatrists are usually not a fan sandals, which tend to offer little to no arch support (especially the worst offenders, flip-flops.) We do, however, like the fact that sandals give the toes room to spread out and the foot room to breathe. Though they’re not cheap, Birkenstocks are hard to beat for quality and comfort. These classic slip-on sandals offer strong arch support and large foot beds which have no doubt helped them stand the test of time.

Best Women’s Boots: Chaco Boots

The Chaco brand has mastered foot-friendly sandals, popular in western and mountainous regions, and has now expanded its range to include boots as well. Just like the famous sandals, Chaco boots are extremely comfortable and well-made, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. They provide adequate toe room and aren’t unattractive, either!

Find the Best Shoe for You With Our Harrisburg Podiatrist!

Keep in mind that the “best” shoe for you is really the shoe that best supports your unique foot shape. The shoes on this list are mostly made of high quality, durable materials, but they might still give you discomfort if they are not properly suited to your lifestyle and activities, and not properly fitted to your feet. If you want to know more about the best shoes for your feet, schedule an appointment with our Harrisburg NC podiatry clinic. To request an appointment, fill out our contact form here.