How To Keep Kids Off Their Feet After Surgery, from Our Harrisburg Foot Surgeon

May 14, 2019

We all know it’s hard to keep kids down! After all, for a child, there’s a lot of running around to do, games to play, and friends to see. However, when your child has a foot or ankle injury, or is recovering from foot surgery, it’s important that they take the time necessary to heal and recover—which is easier said than done. Here are some ways to help children get the rest they need after a foot or ankle injury.

Stock Up on Entertainment  

A new movie, book, or video game might take your child’s mind off of their injury and keep them in one place. We all know that playing video games for hours is unhealthy, but you may consider making an exception just this once and letting your child get absorbed in a kid-friendly game. A movie marathon of a long series, like Harry Potter, might be great a way to make the healing period more fun.

Get Crafty

Coloring books, sculpting clay, and lego blocks can keep a small child occupied for hours. If your child is older, you might search together online for a new craft to learn, like weaving potholder looms or making keychains out of pony beads. (Boys often enjoy learning to make paracord bracelets.)

Invite Friends Over

If your child cannot attend school or participate in after-school activities due to their injury, invite some friends over to watch TV or do some other sedative activity. Having a friend come over may make your child feel less antsy and “left out” of things happening at school.

Need a Children’s Foot Surgeon in Harrisburg NC?

If you need a children’s foot surgeon in Harrisburg NC or its surrounding areas, call Ryan Foot and Ankle clinic. We specialize in all kinds of foot and ankle injuries, and will help your little one feel better in no time!