When Should I See a Podiatrist? Ask a Ballantyne Foot Doctor

January 19, 2019

Your feet carry your entire body’s weight all day, every day—so it’s not surprising that foot and ankle injuries are very common. Most of the time, basic foot pain will go away with NSAIDs, over-the-counter orthotics, and rest. But sometimes, the problem requires a little more attention. Here’s how to know when it’s time to see a podiatrist.

A sudden deformity that develops quickly

A lump or bump that appears out of nowhere and quickly gets bigger could be something benign, like a cyst, or something much worse, like a tumor. If you try to diagnose it yourself with the help of the internet, and it turns out to be something that needed more serious care, the problem will be more difficult, and expensive, to treat. When it comes to your body, you’ve only got one, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

A foot that is suddenly flat

It’s natural for feet to flatten out as people age—the constant pressure of walking and running causes the tendons to stretch over time. However, what is not normal is a suddenly-flat foot that was arched before. This could be a sign of tendon dysfunction or even rupture. A tendon that does not work properly can lead to the bones not being lined up, and this can cause arthritis in the joints. Seeing a podiatrist and treating the tendon problem early may prevent joint damage.

A wound or sore that won’t heal

Open sores on your feet or ankles are important to diagnose and treat early. If you have an open sore for a long time, you risk getting a skin or bone infection, or osteomyelitis. Be sure to see a professional podiatrist as soon as possible so that the problem can be resolved before it worsens.

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