Eliminate These 3 Foot Issues with Surgery | Ask a Ballantyne Podiatrist

May 16, 2018

The feet see a great deal of use and abuse every day as they carry the weight of the body and are often squished into narrow, tight or awkwardly-shaped shoes. Over time, this can lead to compressed nerves, pain and unsightly protrusions from the foot. Rather than living with these problems for years and experiencing symptoms that may affect one’s daily quality of life, a simple foot surgery with a local foot surgeon may be exactly what is needed.


Bunions are more common than some would think and can lead to other chronic problems if not treated quickly. A bunion usually forms on the inner edge of the foot at the base of the big toe. While many try to take care of this issue with new shoes or shoe inserts, it is actually quite easy to treat with a simple surgery. Surgery for bunions usually only requires local anesthesia as the local foot surgeon removes the bony protrusion. Occasionally, the big toe may need to be realigned next to the other toes when the problem has gone on for years.


Hammertoes are those that are unnaturally curled at the middle joint of the toe. While this most frequently occurs in the toe next to the big toe, it can affect any toe or all toes simultaneously. It is typically caused by tight-fitting shoes. Instead of padding the toes and living with unsightly feet, many individuals are now discovering how much a foot surgery with a Ballantyne podiatrist can help severe hammertoes. During the surgery, for which the patient may be asleep, the surgeon will cut the short tendons that are pulling on the toe joints, allowing the area to become looser.


A neuroma is a pinched nerve that causes shooting pain on the sole of the foot. When not cared for quickly, a neuroma can actually create permanent nerve damage to the foot. Surgery for this problem is easy and only requires a small incision through which the damaged nerve is cut and removed.

If you deal with bunions, hammertoes, neuromas or another chronically painful foot issue, contact our Ballantyne podiatrist today to get an appointment that fits into your busy schedule.

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