Concord Podiatrist Highlights Proper Care Tips for Your Child’s Feet

March 8, 2018

Proper care for children’s feet is essential for healthy growth and development. Your baby’s foot bones are made of soft cartilage that will harden over time. Taking proper care of your child’s feet and watching for issues now will help him or her avoid foot issues later in life.

How to Care for Your Child’s Feet

Let your child go without shoes for some time every day. Going barefoot helps kids exercise and stretch the muscles in their feet.

You can use cotton socks to keep your child’s feet warm while also allowing the feet to grow and develop. Make sure the socks remain the correct size, especially after putting them in the dryer. If the socks are too tight, they could restrict growth. Your child’s bedding should also have plenty of room for his or her feet to move around.

Wash your child’s feet frequently, and always dry them thoroughly, remembering to dry between the toes. You can use talcum powder to keep your child’s feet dry. When cutting his or her toenails, make sure to cut them straight across to avoid ingrown nails.

Foot Problems to Watch For

One of the most common foot problems in children is blisters, which can be caused by new or poorly-fitting shoes. If your child has a blister, allow it to dry up without bursting it. Apply a sterile bandage to protect it.

Ingrown toenails are another common issue. They can cause the skin at the side of the nail to become red and swollen, and they can cause pain and soreness. Cutting the toenails in a straight line instead of in a curve will help prevent ingrown nails.

Some children experience foot development problems, which affect walking and may need professional treatment. Common foot development problems include:

  • Toe walking: when a child walks on the toes instead of the heels.
  • In-toeing and out-toeing: when a child walks with their feet pointed inward or outward.
  • Talipes or club foot: when the feet bend inward and downward.

If your child has a foot development problem, contact your local foot doctor to start treatment as early as possible. A Concord podiatrist can give you more information about proper care for children’s feet and how to fix developmental issues in the feet. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your child with a Concord podiatrist.

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