Diabetic Foot Care Products That Can Help Keep Your Feet Healthy | Charlotte University Podiatrist

January 3, 2018

Foot problems for diabetics are a concern. Diabetics are at an increased risk for a number of foot problems. However, there are many products that can help you keep your feet healthy.

Wound Care Shoes, Socks and Insoles

Your University Area podiatrist recommends that you keep your feet covered at all times. This is one of the most important things that you can do for diabetic foot care. If you hurt your foot, then you can develop a wound that is hard to heal. Wound care shoes, insoles and socks will help you protect your feet.

Diabetic socks can reduce irritation, rubbing and friction. Insoles can provide arch support. Diabetic shoes allow you to move without doing any additional damage to your feet. You are strongly advised to wear diabetic shoes if you have recently had foot surgery.

Foot Cream, Lotion, Spray and Powder

Calluses and dry cracked skin are common foot problems for diabetics. You can prevent this problem by using foot lotions, foot creams and other foot care products. These will keep your feet supple, smooth and free of fissures.

People who are diabetics are also more likely to develop foot infections and athlete’s foot. Antibacterial sprays can prevent you from developing infections. These sprays kill harmful microbes that are lurking on your foot. You can also use antibacterial powders. These powders not only kill bacteria, but they can also control moisture. One of the things that causes harmful microbes to grow is moisture. It is also one of the things that can contribute to diabetic foot problems.

You may be concerned about the possibility of foot complications if you are a diabetic. However, if you see a University Area podiatrist, then you will be able to keep your feet healthy. Our podiatrist can also recommend the products that you need to use, so give our University Area podiatry office a call today to schedule an appointment or obtain more information about diabetic foot problems and recommended products.

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