5 Common Treatments for Plantar Warts Shared By Our South Park Podiatrist

December 5, 2017

If you find yourself in constant stress of annoying or even painful warts, you should start planning on treating them with medications or all-natural home remedies. However, if even those options don’t work, we suggest consulting a South Park podiatrist. In the meantime, consider the following five common treatment plans below:

1. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is one of the most popular wart removal treatments and involves applying liquid nitrogen to your wart. Although, this can be a painful process, so don’t be surprised to have to option of getting the area around your wart numbed beforehand.

The liquid nitrogen will cause a blister to form on your wart, promoting it to fall off within one to two weeks. However, cryotherapy will also help stimulate your immune system to prevent viral warts. The cryotherapy may not fully work on just one treatment, and you may have to make returning treatments of up to four weeks.

2. Salicylic Acid

Your doctor may suggest you take an anti-wart medicine with salicylic acid to help remove the layers of your wart. This will also help stimulate your immune system to help fight the wart even more. This treatment will usually always be conducted at home, but you may have to regularly visit your doctor to check on your wart’s progress.

3. Laser Treatment

With this sort of pulsed-dye laser treatment, tiny blood vessels in the wart area are burned closed. This causes the infected tissue to expire and your wart to fall off. This kind of treatment must be repeated every three or four weeks.

4. Immune Therapy

If you have viral warts, immune therapy may be the way to go. With this technique, the local foot doctor will use medication to prod your immune system to fight the viral warts. They might also inject your wart with an antigen, which is a foreign substance. The doctor may also apply a cream or solution to the exterior of the warts, too.

5. Surgery

The surgery to remove plantar warts is very minor. The doctor will use an electric needle to cut away the wart. First, however, the doctor will numb the area since this procedure can be painful. This treatment for plantar warts is usually a last resort and will only be necessary if other treatment methods have not been successful.

For more information about treatment for plantar warts, contact our South Park podiatrist today!

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