Ballantyne Foot Surgeon Explains The Importance of Foot Care for Diabetics

November 27, 2017

Diabetes is a chronic disease that literally affects every cell in your body. It can damage the blood vessels and nerves, which means nutrients and oxygen may not get to the cells and you may become less sensitive to pressure or pain. That’s why proper foot care is so important to prevent complications like ulcers and infections. Our Ballantyne podiatrist can help keep your feet in good condition and help prevent problems.

Foot Care is Necessary

Diminished sensation in your feet (a condition called diabetic neuropathy) means you may not be aware of problems like ingrown tonsils, blisters or small cuts. Any of these can quickly get out of hand because your body doesn’t heal properly when you have diabetes. Should an infection result, it can be difficult to treat. The combination of poor circulation and poor healing ability can even lead to an amputation. Diabetes foot care can make the difference between being able to walk and being confined to a wheelchair.

Daily Care

You should always wear shoes that fit properly. Tight shoes compress blood vessels, impairing circulation and increasing the risk of a pressure sore or blisters. Wash your feet daily and dry well. Use lotions or creams to keep the skin supple. Inspect your feet for cuts, blisters and signs of pressure like reddened skin. If you develop a condition like athletes foot or a blister treat it promptly.

Professional Diabetes Foot Care

You should see your local foot doctor on a regular basis. Many people with diabetes need to have their toenails cut by a professional, especially if you have an ingrown nail. Your local foot doctor can also recommend shoes and socks designed especially for people with diabetes or prescribe orthotics to ensure proper fit and correct gait problems. A podiatrist can also deal with problems like calluses or bunions that increase the risk of pressure sores.

Regular diabetic foot care can help keep your feet in good condition and also keep you active, which helps keep your blood sugar under control. Please contact us today – as a leading Ballantyne podiatrist, we can meet your needs for diabetic foot care.

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