Don’t Let Bunion Surgery Bum You Out | Ask a Harrisburg NC Podiatrist

September 19, 2017

Life With Bunions Is For The Dogs

Have you been trying to convince yourself that living with bunions, otherwise known as Hallux Valgus, isn’t all that bad? You’ve got a supply of “bunion booties”. You’re very careful about shoe styles. And you’ve always got ice and a bedpan at the ready to relieve pain. At least the pain is better than the stories that you’ve heard about bunion surgery, which include ones that say:

  • that the surgery is always very painful
  • that the bunions eventually return
  • that bunion surgery patients are always confined to a wheelchair or crutches after surgery
  • that recovery time after surgery takes months

But what if you were told that none of the above was true? That bunion surgery is in fact no more painful than other types of surgery? That the recovery time for it is comparable to other types of surgery? That this recovery doesn’t usually interfere with lifestyle and functioning? And finally, that this surgery can prevent and greatly reduce the pain caused by bunions? Don’t let this common foot deformity that causes thousands to suffer pain and inconvenience continue to plague you, too. Read on to learn more about how a local foot surgeon can help you end bunion suffering.

When It’s Time For Surgery On Bunions

As with other medical conditions, pain is usually the red flag that indicates it’s time for surgery consideration. But there are other bunion caused symptoms that might have a Harrisburg NC podiatrist recommending surgery, including:

  • hammertoes
  • bursitis
  • a bunion has formed beneath the little toe
  • the balls of your feet hurt

What To Expect from Surgery

When bunion pain or complications have led you to an appointment with a local foot surgeon, what happens next? The physician will first evaluate your condition and consider multiple options, including non surgery. Even after surgery is decided on, there are various  techniques that your surgeon may consider. The surgical procedure chosen will depend upon your particular situation, but among the most common are:

  • surgeries to correct bulges
  • surgeries to realign toes
  • surgeries to repair tissue damage

Bunion surgeries generally take an hour, and are  outpatient procedures. Following surgery, patients may not be able to use the affected foot for a period of time which may vary from 4-12 weeks. Postoperative pain can be controlled with nerve blocks which can last 12-36 hours after surgery. Most patients have little to no pain within 10-14 days. Special footwear may have to be used for a while. Only the most severe cases call for the use of casts and wheelchairs are rarely needed.. Recovery times vary, but healthy patients that follow postoperative instructions may resume normal activities in as little as to six to eight weeks.

Dr. Scott Whitman is an experienced  podiatrist in Harrisburg NC who  can help ease your bunion problems and return you to a full range of activities. Call us today for an appointment, and get back to walking on the path that you want to be on.

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