When Is It Time to Address Pediatric Flat Feet? Ask a Concord NC Foot Doctor

March 27, 2017

What is Pediatric Flat Foot?

Having a flat foot means that the natural foot arch shrinks when you stand up. Sometimes, the arch shrinks but is still noticeable, and sometimes it disappears altogether. Both adults and children can have flatfoot, and whether and when you address the issue is related to flat feet risks.

When is it a Problem?

When your child has symptoms, it obviously becomes a concern for all of us. Symptoms can include pain and tenderness, which can lead to reduced energy and a lack of motivation to participate in physical activity. Since being physical is an important part of childhood growth, we encourage you to reach out if you notice a change in activity.

Asymptomatic flat foot can also be associated with flat feet risks, but more in the long-term. Someone could have chronic pain and discomfort when exercising or simply walking around.

What Are Next Steps?

If you’re looking for a foot doctor in Concord, we’re ready to welcome you into our practice. Our podiatrist can examine your child’s foot both when sitting, standing, and walking. We can examine the knee and hip since all of those parts work together during movement, and we may have to take X-rays as well.

For minor conditions, we can get you set up with a custom orthotic device and suggest changes in habits, advise you on footwear, and give you instructions as to what exercises might be able to address flat feet. You can follow up with our foot doctor in Concord to make sure things are progressing, as pediatric flatfoot can sometimes lead to foot problems in adulthood.

For more severe conditions, especially when a child is in pain, we may suggest surgery. We assure that we take this approach seriously and will always take all short-term and long-term factors into consideration when advising a particular treatment option.

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