Harrisburg NC Podiatrist Explains How to Correct Pigeon Toes with Exercise

January 3, 2017

When babies are born, their feet are usually flat and have soft and relatively flexible bones. It is normal for young children to have pigeon toes (intoe) when they start walking. As a child’s bones grow and harden they will also rotate, giving the foot and legs definite shape as they get older. Each of our Harrisburg podiatrists will contend that taking care of a toddler’s feet will help to prevent a host of foot problems.

Taking Care of Your Toddler’s Feet

One of the best ways to care for your toddler’s feet is to allow them to grow naturally. This will involve letting the toddler stay without their shoes for a specific period of time every day. You should also encourage the young one to flex and stretch their legs and feet. Make sure that the socks your child wears are the right size so that their feet have enough room to grow and develop. Any Harrisburg podiatrist will also advise you to wash the toddler’s feet thoroughly and keep the area between their toes completely dry.

Exercises for Pigeon Toes

If your child develops this foot problem, there are a number of measures you can employ before visiting a local foot doctor for pigeon toes treatment. Depending on the cause of your child’s intoeing physical exercises may play an important role in helping to correct the condition. Some of the exercises you should encourage your baby to engage in include walking, running, stretching exercises and normal kids’ activities.


When simple exercises at home do not seem to have any effect, you should consult a local foot doctor. The medical expert will examine your child before recommending the most suitable pigeon toes treatment option. In some cases, the doctor may recommend that your child wears braces to keep the feet in the right position or use molds to correct the shape of the feet. In extreme cases, a surgical procedure may be necessary to correct the problem.

In case you realize that your little one is pigeon toed or has any foot problem, you should consult a local foot doctor. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and caring foot doctors. We will be happy to work with you to promote the health and proper development of your child.

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