5 Ways & 5 Reasons Why You Should Stretch Your Achilles Tendon Daily

December 5, 2018

Proper stretching of the lower extremities, especially before a run or workout, can have substantial benefits. From reducing the chance of a sprain to ensuring healthy tendons and ligaments, regular stretching can have quite an impact. The following five benefits serve to showcase some of the reasons why Achilles tendon stretching exercises can make an important difference.

1. Reduced Risk of Foot and Ankle Injury

From a mild sprain to finding ways to avoid Achilles tendon rupture and other more serious forms of injury, stretching the lower extremities can greatly reduce the risk of a sports injury. Routine stretching may spare runners and athletes from having to visit a Harrisburg podiatrist or other care provider in order to seek care for an injury.

2. Decreased Muscle Fatigue

Tight tendons and ligaments may keep muscles from being able to operate as efficiently as possible. Finding ways to minimize muscle fatigue may be especially important during a long run or before an intense workout.

3. Greater Range of Motion

Flexibility is one of the most basic metrics of overall fitness. Often overlooked or seen as secondary to strength, stamina or weight-loss goals, flexibility can go a long way towards improving day to day comfort levels. Achilles tendon stretching may be especially important for runners and those who spend a great deal of time on their feet.

4. Faster Recovery From Injury or Exercise

From soreness typical after a long run to being able to avoid Achilles tendon rupture complications, the right stretching routine can play a big part in ensuring the body is able to heal and recover properly. Long periods of sedentary activity may be stressful and could leave muscles and tendons unable to fully recovery from past exertion or recent injuries.

5. Lubricate Joints and Connective Tissue

Keeping tendons and other connective tissue strong and healthy is never an issue that should be left to chance. From reduced instances of injury to delaying the onset of aging, daily stretching can have significant long-term benefits.

Those who have suffered an injury or who wish to learn more about the most effective stretches, exercises and daily habits would do well to seek out the services of a professional. For those who have suffered a recent injury or who may wish to learn more about the benefits of stretching, calling our Harrisburg podiatrist can often be an important initial step and then scheduling an appointment.